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Creating 3D with the Nikon D5

The video below shows Shanghai 3d photo with and

 without colour texture to give an idea of the relief


New York panorama colour 3D


3D empowerment


2D digital imaging empowered us all - the capture and sharing of images became free and easy and apps made creative control simple and powerful.  Now at the dawn of 3D image capture we have the same opportunity to shoot, create and best of all we can now both see and touch our own creations.  Just as in the 2D revolution, 3D software is rapidly becoming both accessible and mostly free - a whole new world is opening up before us. The art of Photogrammetry (creating 3D from 2D photos) has primarily focused on reproducing objects such a sculptures and antiquities - this exhibition is all about liberating this technology, taking it out into the streets and bringing our visions home.


Below -Covent Garden- A blend of full 3D and Bas relief creates a whole new way of interpreting a 2D image The exhibition


















The exhibition


This exhibition sets out to use a variety of technologies to enable its artworks to merge London’s fantastic architecture with the people who fill its streets. The project goes far beyond the capture of static objects and challenges preconceptions on how we use photogrammetry. The result is a whole new art form - all from your camera. From Piccadilly Circus to the bus depot and picnics in the park, this exhibition is all about our people

in our city, always changing, always fascinating.







































Captured Reality 2016 Heathrow Project


sponsored by: AutoDesk, Heathow, Nikon, Ultimaker, MyMiniFactory and FilaPrint


Metamorphosis - From photograph to 3D print to cold cast bronze

3D printing and the project


The impact of 3D printing on our lives is as ubiquitous as it is varied - from dentistry to art 3D printing is transforming our lives. At the core of this project, 3D printing makes the conceptual real and enables the kind of experimentation that encourages new thinking and expands our horizons. 3D printing has allowed this project to quickly test and implement new ideas, so concept can become reality in a short space of time. The project's workflow starts with standard digital images which are then processed, 3D printed and then cold cast in bronze resin. 3D printing artworks on this scale is quite an undertaking - to print one of these sculptures using just one 3D printer would take about 10 days. Instead 20 printers were used to simultaneously print the parts. These ‘PLA' plastic parts were then joined together and cast in Bronze resin - a process that took a further five days to finish.







More Photogrammetry / Bas relief test pieces

3D full photogrammetry captures

From museum to 3d model