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'Passing on the Magic'

Captured reality 3d printed bookends Now launched!

Photography has a new form of expression, a new frontier in a new dimension that takes photographs off the wall and puts them into your hands. The capabilities made possible by the merger of 2D and 3D software combined with ever cheaper and more capable 3D printers has opened up whole new world for artists and photographers to explore.


This kickstarter project takes ideas on a journey from simple pencil sketch to photographs and then on to bronze, a fascinating metamorphosis with endless possibilities.


The story of the bronze bookends starts with the children’s novels which they are based on and looks to try to capture some of the magic that has made them such an integral part of so many people’s childhood. The words and ideas inspired the form which was then brought to life using photographs which in turn changed pixels into polygons, 2D to 3D- it all seems so improbable, so magical…


The project aims to liberate the constraints traditionally imposed by photography and I look forward to a future that I can ride like a wave, exiting and unpredictable.