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Henry Reichhold

124 Queen's Gate

London SW7 5LJ




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About the Artist

Educated at Dartington College of Arts and Warwick University. His interest in the arts started with photography at a very young age extending to painting and fine arts with his degree at Dartington. His work has always been at the cutting edge of technology, from his early mobile imaging to his current groundbreaking 3D printing photography he pursues his fascination with pushing back the boundaries of the photographic world.

http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/3879633.stm ( 2005)

https://all3dp.com/london-captured-in-broze-with-photogrammetry-and-3d-printing/ (2016)


His work has been seen by millions with a series of exhibitions at Heathrow Terminal 5, as well as the Royal Albert Hall, Tower Bridge, Millennium Bridge, Dubai Airport, The Theatre Museum, the Atrium Gallery,  'Second life’, the Loading Bay Gallery, Armory Arts Center in Los Angeles and Nokia HQ.





His Tower Bridge exhibition won awards for Canon and his Nokia 60 second film ‘Freerun’ took second place in the Paris Short Film Festival. His work has been featured by the BBC, the Times and Sunday Telegraph as well as countless other journals both on and offline.Henry has also taught a very successful digital imaging course at Central Saint Martins for the past 10 years.


Henry’s sponsors have included Adobe, Apple, Canon, Epson, Formica, HP, Heathrow Airport, Marriott Hotels, Nokia, Travelex, and most recently AutoDesk, Nikon and Ultimaker.


About the images

In his work Henry Reichhold sets out with one over-riding object - to capture the essence and spirit of his subject in one picture. To achieve this the artist must explore, capture and pull together all the many elements that make up a picture together - to create one harmonious whole.


As an example of this process the image below  'Whistable Bay'  is constructed from around 100 + separate photos. These were carefully selected for their content from the 800+ original images shot on the day. Each selected image is then ‘ extracted' from its background to create one of the many elements that make up the story in the big picture.


The result is an image that is packed with detail and a rich comprehensive narrative of extraordinary depth. Henry’s style of work is unique and has led to a whole series of successful exhibitions at Heathrow Terminal 5, The Royal Albert Hall, Tower Bridge and other prestigious venues.  The long list of corporate sponsors that support his work are a testament to the continued originality and evolution of his work.


 Images packed with detail

Populating a Henry Reichhold Panorama to capture the spirit of the event - 120 images used in this collage